Claims Transformation

The Claim department directly affects the bottom line of an insurer’s results. Allocated and Unallocated expenses are constantly scrutinized. A transformation should be mindful of current operational excellence, while guiding the Claim organization toward the desired end state.

An automation strategy should begin with the idea of transforming your organization over a period of time. The savings go far beyond the prevention of loss leakage. Benefits gained through service delivery improvements, indemnity and expense cost reduction, managerial excellence, centralized functions (First Notice of Loss, Print, etc…), and stabilized reserve patterns should be principal concerns of transformation. And it must be aligned with corporate strategies.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Eastern Shore can help you create a Cost Benefit Analysis that focuses attention on Workflow efficiencies and the LAE reduction modern systems accommodate.  With our extensive Claim Management experience, knowledge of Claim Systems on the market, and successful implementation history, we can help you develop and execute a realistic automation strategy. 
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Claims organizations don’t always get a fair share of the software budget.  The intuitive argument that the old system won't carry the organization into the future doesn't always work, and unless you've actually installed a new system, you might not know some of the more unexpected but very tangible benefits. Eastern Shore can help you transform your Claim organization in order to meet the challenges of claim handling into the future and to align with corporate strategies.